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The connection that you make with people in your business will make all the difference in whether or not you succeed.

Because in 2017, creating a connection is the most important thing.

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Marketing messages bombard us on the daily (oh, boy do they ever), which cause us to start tuning out everything that doesn’t MATTER to us personally. There’s not enough time in the day to listen to every salesperson who shows up on our TV or in our inbox.

We’re choosy. We’ve got to be.

So, nowadays, it’s important to make a connection that matters with the people who follow our brands. And that relationship typically starts on our About Pages.

I mean, a ton of people will have first introductions to our brands through social media or our blogs, but they’ll almost always go to our About Pages next to see if they want to keep the relationship going.

But let’s be honest here, some of our About Pages are just sad. And that’s why many of us hide them and then run away exclaiming “I’ve done the thing!” and move quickly on to the next piece.

But we can’t ignore this essential page. Not if we want to make it in the online world.

So my business bestie, Kris, and I have come up with a fun course to tackle your About Page. We know that most people feel anxiety and overwhelm when it comes to this one page and we don’t want you to feel that way.

We want you to feel like you’re making the best first impression and that your right people will be lining up to work with you because you’re excited to share what you have to offer. And so you do share it!

You’ll share your story in a beautiful, creative way that won’t make you feel like a sales robot. It will connect with the people who ALREADY love you but just haven’t met you yet. Once they understand your message and see that you’d be instant BFFs, the rest will be easy.

Because they’ll know you and they’ll trust your message.

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We’ve come up with a plan to get one of our cool BFFs (it could be you!) to join this new, fun thing that we’re creating, by offering a scholarship into “Your About Page Story.”

Here are the rules for how you can win a spot in our course:

  1. In a blog post, answer one of the following questions: “What is your ideal relationship between you and your clients/customers?” or “What is your favorite thing about your relationship with your clients/customers?”
  2. Share your post between today Wednesday, July 19th, and Friday, July 28th with the following text: “Need an About Page that connects? Join “Your About Page Story” and begin your customer relationship on the right foot, with the right story and the most creative expression of it.”
  3. Come back to this post and leave a comment with the link to your post, letting us know what your favorite thing is in a sentence or two, and also where you’ve shared the post online.

**Update- The winner is Allison Dey! Thanks so much to all who participated! We loved reading about your relationships with your customers and clients.**

P.S. The cart for “About Page Story” closes on August 4th and won’t open up again until 2018! If you need an About Page that connects, head on over to for more details.

We can’t wait to hear all about the relationship you have or want to have with your favorite people! It truly is what this online business thing is ALL about.

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Great post. The intro really reminded me of Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow. A must read about why it’s important to leave traditional marketing behind and be more surprising.
And I’m for sure in that group, who just want to quickly get over her about page writing process and then hide it somewhere where hopefully no one will click on it :S I know that I have to change this… Why is that writing about yourself is so hard?


I love anything Seth Godin!

And writing about ourselves IS really hard! My friend, Kris, has come up with a really cool way to write your About Page in such a way that it’s not as difficult. You can read a bit more about it over at 🙂


I’ve posted here today:

That also gets tweeted and will end up in my newsletter on Tuesday.

What I love about the relationships is that they exist! Readers and customers email me – questions, help with patterns, help with other people’s patterns, looking for resources…. I love that they write and we always get into quite the back and forth that can get personal – kids, husbands, locale. It’s so cool to be able to connect with someone you don’t know, might not know you have anything in common, but then you find out you do and have a lot to share with each other!


Awesome! So glad that you’re participating.

It sounds like you and I have a similar type of relationship and love for our people. I also enjoy getting emails and learning more about the people who read my blog and follow me on social media. It’s fun when they become like friends and I get to share and connect on things that are real. It makes me so happy that THIS is what I get to do with my life.

Thanks so much, Allison, for sharing!


I’m not sure I did this right but here’s my blog post. I talked about things I loved about my customers – and my favorite is the fact that they appreciate handcrafted art and give me a lot of freedom.


Yay! So glad you joined in the Blog Hop, Lee. I can’t wait to check out your blog post. 🙂


Lee, just make sure that you add this to your post to complete the requirements to win: “Need an About Page that connects? Join “Your About Page Story” and begin your customer relationship on the right foot, with the right story and the most creative expression of it.”


Hi Amanda!
I stayed up late to finish my blog post for the blog hop!
I love a good blog hop! Last one I did was for April!
Here’s my post:
My favorite thing about my customer relationships is the deeper connection I feel for my customers hrough creating art and interacting with them. My post touches on my top 5 reasons why I love my customers. and why I feel connected to them.
I shared on Twitter! And will also share on IG and Facebook later this week.
Thanks so much!


Love it! And the cute “You are loved.” hoop art that you included in the post is perfect! Thank YOU for participating. <3


Woohoo! I did it! One of my favorite things ever, is blog comments. They’re my own bloggy Scooby snacks. Here’s my post:


Hahaha. I love that- bloggy Scooby snacks. 🙂 Glad to see you participated!




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