If you’re building your creative business,


but you knew that already, didn’t you?

And after asking around and searching good ole Google, you know that WordPress is how you want to make yours come to life.
There’s no question that WordPress is the best way to build a website. I mean, the possibilities are endless! You can have your blog, your shop, your website and even a membership site, all in one place, and it’s what everybody else is using, right?

But it’s not all that easy, is it?

Let me guess:

  • You have website shame. Your site is embarrassing and you don’t want to share it with another living soul. In fact, if someone asks where they can find you online you just give them the url to your Facebook page instead of your WordPress site.


  • So you’ve scribbled drawings of your dream website in your notebook, you’ve spent hours bookmarking sites online, and your pinterest boards are overflowing with inspiration


  • You were all set to carve out a little corner of this internet & make it your own, but then you actually got into WordPress and started trying to make those dreams show up online. Now, you’re too busy yelling at the screen to get anything done.


  • How does that image even GO there? I just want to publish a blog post, not send a man to Mars! It’s totally nuts. Didn’t they say WordPress would be easy?


  • I know. You’re overwhelmed, you’re scared and you’re paralyzed by the answers Google has given you & nevermind the Youtube bunny-trail. It left you even more confused than when you started. Commence the hair pulling! This is stress.


  • I know you’re sitting there right now, feeling like you might as well just give up, aren’t you? You don’t know how to get your blog to work right, let alone set up a membership site or a shop to start actually making money..

Imagine this instead: 

You receive a notification in your email box from Paypal that you’ve made your first sale on your shiny new WordPress website!

  • You dance through the halls, showering people with your business cards – complete with your website address – and you can feel ALL the pride. Zero shame here!


  • Because you’re starting to feel like you found your online home. It’s a work in progress, but you like it that way.


  • When you have a new idea for something you’d like to be able to do on your site, you know how to make it happen, or at least where to start to figure it out.


  • You hit the publish button with confidence (ta-da!), on posts and pages like a pro.


  • You can learn how to go from in bite-sized pieces, at your own pace, & as you need them.


  • So you can truly feel like your dream business is taking shape & your online home is legit.
When you learn the WordPress basics, you can finally feel like you “get it”, you can have control over how your website works, share your products & talents in the ways you like, and reach your online biz potential.

New picture: you dance around the office at your 9 to 5, while your co-workers give you odd sideways glances. You don’t care because your creative dreams are coming true! And with each sale, the hazy dream of making a living creating from home doesn’t look so hazy anymore.

 Well…maybe this hasn’t happened quite yet.


And right now you’re scratching your head thinking, “How do I get from point A to point B? How do I make that first sale?”

Well first, you need that website up. Stat.

 You may not have a couple thousand $$$ laying around to hire a web designer. I get that. It’s probably why you’ve been doing the DIY approach until now. You might feel like setting up a WordPress site is a looming mountain that will take you years to climb. It’s not!

 And it can be done while sipping your coffee in your polka dotted mug and eating the yummiest donuts…with rainbow sprinkles, obviously. 

 All you need is a few hours – and a guiding hand.

 “This course provided me a great introduction into WordPress and a great overview in learning what to change/consider how and where. Especially loved that almost all videos where not longer than 30 min, which mades it easy to “digest”. As a non-native English person there were no language issues: accent, words, and speed of talking is easy to follow. The labels of buttons and fields within WordPress have different names (due to the other language settings) and still I could follow where to click etc for what.

amarie from www.einfachamarie.de

I’m Amanda Creek from Amanda Creek Creative, and I’m pretty obsessed with website design and online business. The obsession started with a Bachelor’s degree in studio art, and then another one in graphic design. As if two weren’t enough, I decided in 2014 to go back to school yet again to get another degree. This time, I decided to get my Master’s degree in internet marketing. I just can’t get enough.

I guess I love to see women take control of their lives and create amazing, creative businesses for themselves. The way online business has opened up that possibility to literally anyone with a computer and an Internet connection makes me ecstatic.

But I remember what it was like before I learned all of those things; I remember what it was like when I didn’t know the difference between posts & pages on my own WordPress site. The things that are simple for me now took me FOREVER at first. It was awful, and I don’t want you to feel that kind of frustration. I don’t want you to face it alone.

I didn’t have a guide to help me learn, and it was really hard all alone! That’s why I want to be that person for you: so you can avoid feeling like I did and just go for it. Sometimes you just need someone to give you the tools and confidence to take  that control.  It’s important for me to be here for you.

Just save me one of those donuts, will you? I love sprinkles. WordPress Made Easy is a $47 investment


Amanda’s WordPress Made Easy course is so well designed!  Everything is presented in small steps so it isn’t scary or overwhelming…each video is short, clear, and easy to follow.  This is by far the best WordPress course I have seen!

– Sara Eynon, A Flying Dog Studio 

What this course includes:

    • Just under 3 hours of video content walking you step-by-step through how to setup your WordPress website.


    • Short actionable videos (under 10 minutes each) that can be completed in an afternoon.


    • Ask questions in the comment section for additional help from myself, or head over to the Facebook group for help from the other students.


    • Free checklist to check after you finish each task.

“The step-by-step instructions and quality videos helped me set-up my website through WordPress right – the first time. This course is perfect for anyone who has thought about starting a website with WordPress but has been hesitant because of the learning curve.”

-Tina Marteney


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is this course for?

-Creative business owners who need a website on WordPress, but who don’t have the money to pay a web designer.

-Creative entrepreneurs who are frustrated with their current Blogger/Wordpress.com or other free hosted website.

-Creatives who like to DIY, but need a little initial help with getting acquainted with WordPress.

-Individuals who have decided to start a creative business, and who want to set the right foundation from the beginning.

Q: What happens after I buy?

After you purchase you should receive a few emails. One email should be a receipt that you can print out for your records, and the other email should contain the login info to log in to your account. You will be redirected to a registration page after checkout.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

It can take as little as 3 hours if you do everything all in one setting. The videos are also short (most are under 10 minutes), just in case you aren’t able to do everything all at once.

Q: What’s your policy on refunds?

Due to the nature of the course materials there are no refunds.

Q: What if I have additional questions?

Email me at hello@amandacreekcreative.com. I typically respond within 48 hours.


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